Tuesday, November 27, 2012


You boys must have seen the hot actress cum model Unnati Davra in the the bengali movie Tin Kanya starring Rituparna Sengupta, Unnati Davra and Ananya Chatterjee in lead roles.

Unnati was one of the finalists in Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2010.

Height of Unnati Davra : 5’.7’’
Vital statistics (in inches) of Unnati Davra : 32-23.5-35

Ok so here are some latest hot pictures and photos of Unnati Davra. Check them out, and let us know in the comments section below. ENJOY!


Monday, November 26, 2012

3 Kanya Movie Review

Cast :-

Rituparna Sengupta (Aparna)
Ananya Chatterjee (Nancy)
Unnati Davra (Damini Mishra)
Rajatava Dutta (don)
Sudip Mukhopadhyay (Husband of Ananya)
Shankar Chakraborty
Biplab Chattopadhyay
Subhashish Mukhopadhyay
Biswajit Chakraborty

Crew :-

Director : Agnidev Chatterjee
Presenter : Agnidev Chatterjee
Story : Agnidev Chatterjee
Music Composer : Indradeep Dasgupta
Editor : Santanu Mukherjee
Dialogue : Sudipa Mukherjee
Screenplay : Sudipa Mukherjee
Cinematographer :Shirisha Roy
Playback Singers : Ustad Rashid Khan, Shreya Ghoshal, Koushiki Deshikan, Anupam Roy, Rupankar, Monali Thakur, Arijit Singh

Released on :- November 2nd, 2012

“3 Kanya” is a psychological thriller and bears no resemblance with the “3 Kanya” film directed by Satyajit Ray. This Agnidev Chatterjee film is about 3 different women. First, we get to meet the young journalist Aparna. She deals with the story of Nancy, who has been raped by 3 men when the victim met the culprits in a nightclub. On the other side, she is also suffering from problems regarding her marriage, as she suspects him to have an affair with Damini Mishra.

The rape victim Nancy, later is found out to be a prostitute and she is detected to be HIV Positive. The other woman, who is the third woman in this story, Damini Mishra, is a police inspector. She is very strong-willed and a very capable officer. Also, she has got some connections with the first woman, Aparna. Any guesses what can be the connection?

Aparna is also a patient, as we come to know later that she suffers from multi-personality disorder. She is under a perception that the IPS inspector is having an affair with her husband and she comes to terms with the underworld don Rajatava Dutta. Later, Ananya wants to kill Damini.

 The second half of the story is bewildering. There is no link with the first part, too many unexpected things happen and burden the minds of the audience. At one point of time, we get to see Damini having physical intimacy with Aparna’s husband, next we see Rajatava, after that we see the two women Damini and Aparna at loggerheads. Soon after, Aparna is seen murdering people. All these create a “khichdi” and a total nonsense flick. No storyline, no continuation, what were the makers thinking while making this film?

Agnidev has tried to make Aparna, the character, to do various things and he wanted to fit a lot of different characteristics into that one role. So, Rituparna Sengupta as Aparna confuses us throughout the movie. It seemed to be the most aimless character in the movie. However, Ananya Chatterjee as Nancy acted superb. She as the rape victim, brings out the true agony of a rape victim as well as the sex worker who has been burdened with questions like ‘can a prostitute be raped?’ Well, Agnidev did not attempt to answer the question.

Unnati Davra has made a debut in Tollywood as the IPS officer Damini Mishra. She looks ultra-glamarous. Her voice has been dubbed by actress Koneenica Banerjee. Unnati is fit to be a romantic ultra-glam heroine, but hey this is a serious role! Police inspectors should mind about society more than applying makeup and walking as if to catch attention of the crowd. Right?

Indradeep Dasgupta’s music is only the positive aspect in this movie. Some of the songs are really melodious while others are foot-tapping numbers. The song sung jointly by Ustad Rashid Khan and Shreya Ghosal, ‘Yaad Piya Ki Aye’ is awesome. While Monali Thakur and Arijit Singh sung the song ‘Gole Male’ which is rocking.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Paanch Adhyay Movie Review

Cast :-
Priyanshu Chatterjee ( Arindam )
Dia Mirza ( Ishita )
Sampoorna ( Ranjabati )
Soumitra Chatterjee
Arindam Roy Chowdhury
Suman Mukherjee

Crew :-
Director : Pratim D Gupta
Producer : Kaustav Roy & Nitesh Sharma
Music Director :Shantanu Moitra
Story : Pratim D Gupta
Dialogue : Pratim D Gupta
Screenplay : Pratim D Gupta

Released on :-  October 19th, 2012

Pratim D Gupta dons on the director’s hat with his first venture as a film maker “Paanch Adhyay”. Previously he was a journalist associated with Telegraph. Along with him, Bollywood actress Dia Mirza too made her debut in the Bengali film industry.

The movie is divided into 5 different parts, each having different names. The story is about relationships in between 3 persons, Arindam, Ishita and Ranjabati. Each part deals with the relations between these 3 lead roles of the film.

In the first part, we witness the meeting of Arindam and Ishita, and how he wins her heart eventually. The first part is romantic and heart-touching, unlike the other parts. The romantic saga of the director and the teacher is the main subject of the first part. In the next part, Arindam falls in love with the new heroine named Ranjabati. However, he successfully manages to make his marriage sustain inspite of the affair with the heroine. However he feels gloomy to think of leaving Ishita and settle with Ranjabati. Though Arindam does not love Ishita anymore, but Ishita still is a doting lover and cares for him. The later parts deal with Arindam and Ishita’s relationship after their marriage. Soon after, things change for worse. But the end is optimistic.

The film is a medley of emotions and thoughts which Pritam has tried to put into the right places. However, the film’s lead actors Priyanshu and Dia failed to emote onscreen. I really do not understand why do Bengali film makers have to cast B or C grade Bollywood actresses to get publicity! If possible, cast the A listers or else make the film without beautiful faces who are devoid of emotions.

The songs composed by noted music composer Shantanu Moitra is dull and mediocre. Well, Pritam D Gupta is a film critic, so obviously expectations were high. But the casting of the film is behind the sinking of the film’s ship. Dia Mirza is comfortable walking on the ramps rather than trying to act, so directors please leave her for modeling. Also Priyanshu proves himself to be a disaster mostly, when he is offered lead roles in films.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Na Hannayate Movie Review

Cast :-
Rupa Gangula (mother/Jui)
Dibyendu Mukherjee
Sayani Dutta (daughter/Siuli)
Rahul (son/Ratan)
Debshankar Halder
Chaiti Ghoshal
Priyanka Sarkar

Crew :-
Director : Riingo Banerjee
Music Director : Dibyendu aka Sriram Yusouf
Producer : Srijita Films & Entertainment

Released on :- 16th of November, 2012

Riingo’s latest offering “Na Hannayate” is inspired by the Chinese movie titled “Aftershock” which released in 2010. An earthquake occurs in Samastipur and affects the family of 4 members, which comprises of husband, wife, and their one daughter and one son. The story is set in 1976. As a result of the earthquake, the man passes away. The wife had to choose between the two children as both of them were getting buried. She saves the life of her son. However, the daughter too cheats death, and gets saved, without the knowledge of her mother.

Later on, the daughter is adopted by a Muslim family from Kolkata. However, she is always disturbed thinking of her mother’s decision to leave her and save her brother. She herself has got a child now, and is a single mother. On the other hand, her brother has also got married and also is a father. Years have passed by, its 2012, and again a mishap brings the brother and sister together. The brother accompanies the sister and takes her to mother and the estranged family is reunited.

Rupa Ganguly is seen as mother named Jui in the film. While Rahul plays the brother in the movie, and debutante Sayani is the sister. Debshankar Haldar and Chaiti Ghoshal play the Muslim couple who adopt Ratan’s sister Siuli.

The movie “Na Hannayate” portrays how natural calamities breaks down a family and can eventually reunite it too! We can only struggle for existence in the nature, we cant control it! At times in our lives we have to take hard decisions, which can be painful and can never be forgotten. As the proverb states “Every cloud has a silver lining”, Riingo’s “Na Hannayate” too preaches that despite the devastation caused by nature, which wrecks an entire family, there is always a silver lining somewhere above us.

The storyline is quite different from the films which are generally made in Tollywood at present. Rupa portrays the mother who lives a repentful life after losing her husband, and sacrificing daughter for son. However at the end, she meets with her daughter. Rupa does her job well. Rahul impresses all by his natural acting. Debutante Sayani is superb. Her body language, expressions exuberate top-notch acting skills. Without such a great cast, the subject matter of the film could not have been expressed in a better manner.

Dibyendu debuts as a music director, and one needs to compliment him for his efforts. Cinematography is indeed good. Riingo presents a humane film to the Bengali film industry and we enjoyed the pleasant gift of the film maker.

Idiot Movie Review

Cast :-
Aankush Hazra (Samrat/Idiot)
Srabanti (Anjali)
Aditya Pancholi (Anjalis brother, Ranobijay Sinha)

Crew :-
Director : Rajib Biswas
Producer : Ashoke Kumar Dhanuka
Music Composer : Pritam

Released on :- 16th November, 2012

Rajib Biswas’s “Idiot” brings forth a fresh Tollywood pair of Srabanti and Aankush Hazra. Aankush plays the role of Samrat in this movie. With the debut movie “Kellafate” Aankush set his bars high, and with this film did he lived upto the expectations? Well, you will have to read the full review of “Idiot” film to know that.

Samrat is a vagabond, and he is thought be a complete idiot by his parents even as he cant do anything properly. But the world around him turns topsey-turvey as he meets Anjali. It’s a love at first sight for him. He gets acquainted with Anjali’s bodyguard brother who gives him a huge amount of money to stay away from his sister. But this incident changes Samrat entirely. He repays the ‘loan’ to the brother of Anjali to make him understand that the differnce he made between poor and rich once, is how untrue! To teach Anjali’s brother a lesson, Samrat even keeps aside his love life for the time being, and comes back to Anjali later on.

Ankush in his debut movie “Kellafate” had impressed his audience with his acting and dancing skills. In this film too, he did not dissapoint the audience! He fits in the role of ‘Idiot’ to a tee. He might not be the conventional good looking hero of Tollywood but he manages to draw the audience due to his charming performance.

Aditya Pancholi as the brother of Anjali, Ranobijay Sinha, is awesome. Srabanti is nothing exceptional in this movie, however. As Ankush is a great dancer, Srabanti faced challenges to match her steps with the hero. Shooting had taken place in exquisite locations of Switzerland, Turkey and even Italy.

But then, the story is not a well-knitted one. Out of nowhere, how come Samrat, the idiot becomes so rich and a successful real estate businessman! Also in some of the scenes, we could see him wearing earrings, while in some others the rings were missing. We also do not know, how could he sport beard in some scenes, while in other scenes he was clean shaved!

Sector V Movie Details

As can be understood from the film’s title, this film is having some relation to that of Sector V, which is the I.T. Hub of Calcutta. The film was supposed to be released on February, but due to some unknown reasons, the film’s release had been postponed. This film is slated to release this November 30th  2012. The cast comprises of both veterans and experienced actors as well as new faces. And some of the scenes in the movie, have been shot in Sector V itself.

The film is all about the compromises that everyone has to do with the surrounding and in the process of doing so, how one’s life, morality and relations undergo changes. The storyline is built on a pharma company where some hard decisions taken by the top bosses takes a toll on the aspirations of a budding scientist. Thus he forgets all about morality and the straight way of living, and chooses drug business and gets associated with mafias in the meantime. As a result, his career, love life are hampered. Also two lives are put to stake for him.

Details of the film –

Crew :-
Director : Souryadeep Banerjee
Producer : Rishika Roy
Music Director : Biplab Chakrabarty
Lyrics : Souryadeep Banerjee
Story : Souryadeep Banerjee
Screenplay : Souryadeep Banerjee
Dialogue : Souryadeep Banerjee
Editor : Arghyakamal Mitra
Cinematographer : Angan

Casting :-
Rajatava Dutta
Barun Chanda
Suman Haldar
Arijit Dutta

Release Date :- 30th November 2012

Dutta Vs Dutta Movie Details

Anjan Dutt’s latest venture “Dutta Vs Dutta” is about to release on 23rd of November 2012. It focuses on his childhood. The majority number of shots have been taken at a house in Amherst Street, Kolkata. Dutt said in an interview, that this house at Amherst street resembles his old house at Beniapukur.
The film is all about the Kolkata in the 70s. The 70s decade helmed the various musical bands of Calcutta, as well as the Hippie Culture was introduced in the city. The 70s also marked the Naxalite Movement of Bengal.
However, Anjan Dutt stated that “Dutta Vs Dutta” is not about the violence of the Naxalite movement. The film brings forth some other colors of the decade like the busy College Street, the “pub culture of Park Street” and also Gautam Chattopadhyay’s emergence in the scene of Bengal.

Details of the film –

Crew :-
Director : Anjan Dutt
Music Director : Neel Dutt
Story : Anjan Dutt
Screenplay : Anjan Dutt
Banner Orion Entertainment

Casting :-
Anjan Dutt ( Biren Dutta )
Ronodeep Bose ( Rono )
Rupa Ganguly ( Runu )
Arpita Pal
Parno Mittra
Dipankar De
Subhashish Mukherjee ( Rono’s Uncle )
Rita Koyral ( Biren’s wife )
Debranjan Nag

Release Date :- 23rd November 2012